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Allergy Treatment Center Relocates

Natural Awakenings News: Terry Robinson, New Life Allergy Treatment Center
Terry Robinson

Terry Robinson of New Life Allergy Treatment Center announces a move to new offices. However, the move doesn’t mean patients will have to travel farther for appointments. The address is the same, but the suite number has changed to suite 250.

“We specialize in nutritional and environmental sensitivities. These sensitivities may have been a problem for you since you were young, or you may have developed them over the years,” Robinson says. “For many, these sensitivities are a minor nuisance, but for others, they can be debilitating. After doing a meridian stress assessment including 150 items, we use nutrition, supplementation and the principles of Oriental medicine to work with your body. We are not doctors and do not diagnose or cure disease. We work with your body’s energy to relieve symptoms.”

New Life Allergy Treatment Center is located at 725 S. Adams Rd., Ste. 250, Birmingham. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Terry Robinson at 248-792-2229 or visit her website:

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